Making a donation in memory of someone who has passed away is a tangible mark of sympathy that comforts affected family members and eases their bereavement.

Donation forms En mémoire (In Memoriam) are available in local funeral homes. You can also contact us to request a form or complete the appropriate form on line at the above mentioned link which you can then return to us through our website, by mail or fax. Donations sent by mail or fax must be made using a credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Donations sent by mail can be made using a credit card or cheque.

Because an In Memoriam donation is important to the bereaved family, the Anna-Laberge Foundation undertakes to notify a family member of all donations that are made in the name of the deceased. It is important when you complete your donation form to provide us with all the coordinates for the person who is to be notified.

Every donation is important to us and contributes to accomplishing our mission.  Simply complete the donation form by clicking on the above mentioned link and send it by mail with your cheque, by internet through our website or by fax using  a Visa or Mastercard credit card.

A monthly donation is an easy way to reduce the costs associated with our fundraising and, at the same time, contribute to protecting the environment by reducing the use of printed documents. Monthly donations are made on the 1st of every month.

Use our general donation form by clicking on the above mentioned link while choosing one of the following payment methods (Visa, Mastercard or bank debit). After filling out the appropriate boxes and indicating that it is a monthly donation, send everything through our website or by mail. Please include a « VOID » cheque with your form when sending a bank debit, monthly donation by mail.

The Canadian Association of Gift Planners provides us with this definition:
« Charitable gift planning is a donor-centred process of planning current and future charitable gifts in a way that meets the donor’s philanthropic goals and balances personal, family and tax considerations. »

A charitable gift plan can take various forms: a life insurance policy gift, a legacy gift, a charitable annuity, a charitable trust, a securities gift.

More and more, people are deciding to plan a donation in support of a cause that is important to them when they are organizing their financial, estate or tax planning. If you would like to support our Health centre in this way, we would invite you to consult your financial advisor or your notary to learn about the fiscal advantages associated with charitable gift planning.

For any further questions concerning gift planning, contact us at 450-699.2703 or consult the « Leave a legacy – Québec  » website at:

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